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Tampa Festival Gourmet Lunch Ticket(s)


Tampa Bay International Dragon Boat Festival
BAHAMA BREEZE ISLAND GRILLE – Gourmet Buffet Lunch Ticket $16.00


   Since the festival is taking place on property owned by Bahama Breeze, a condition of use is that there will be no conflicting food vendors or trucks at the Tampa Bay Int’l Dragon Boat Festival… and (sorry) teams are not permitted to set up their own buffets, but no worries… we have the perfect lunch solution for attendees who want to eat healthily & conveniently on race day.  A Bahama Breeze Island Grille gourmet lunch ticket costs only $16 which is about the price of a Big Mac these days.  Wide selection of delectable, buffet-style cuisine to suit all palates and dietary needs. Take advantage of this offer and buy your tickets today!  The deadline to purchase is April 24th @ 5:00 P.M.  Quantities are limited.  You can purchase individually, or a team representative can purchase in bulk to feed your entire roster.  BON APPETIT!

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