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by | Dec 20, 2018

Although Pan Am Dragon Boat was founded only 6 years ago, it is essentially the most established and highly regarded supplier of dragon boat equipment & production services in North America. This is because our founder, President & CEO… Mike Kerkmann, has been providing innovation and products to the dragon boat market for over 25 years.  Mike recognized the potential growth of the sport in the early 1990’s and it became clear to him that the sport, along with its grass roots annual festivals, could only afford to spawn and grow with the availability of short- term rentals and with professional on-water race production.

After co-founding and growing GWN Dragon Boat in Toronto for 13 years, Mike moved to Tampa Florida to produce the 2011 IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships.  Out of that venture, Pan Am Dragon Boat was born.  Today, Pan Am provides the most comprehensive array of products and services available in the industry. We continue to distribute BuK dragon boats and accessories simply because they manufacture the best design and highest quality boats on the planet. Our full-time staff and front-line weekend warriors are our family. These women and men are the most talented technicians, coaches and steerspersons on the continent and they deliver all with professionalism and a smile. Our top-level coaches produce the two largest dragon boat training camps in North America. In recent years, they have expanded their roles into Europe and were recently selected to Team USA Head Coach positions. Pan Am is delighted to support them in these roles. We are proud of our history and excited for the future.  Join us on our journey.

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