Pan Am Dragon Boat Racing

Pleasant Prairie Practices


• Practices are booked on a first come, first served basis, so please make the request, and the time slot will be reserved for you once you make the request.
• Registration fee is required before booking practice times. Please allow 24 hours for your request to be booked.
• All participant waivers need to be signed prior to the first practice.

  • Please fill out your information in the 'Practice Sign-Up Form' below.
  • Select from the green areas in the colorful chart below for the boat, date and time you wish to reserve by clicking on them.
  • Your selections will populate the form to the left. Undo your selections by clicking on them again.
  • Submit the form. Once approved, your team name will be booked within 24 hours.
* Available slots may not reflect submitted requests. Requests are processed on a first-come basis. Choose 2 time slots in case your first preference is not available.

Requests are filled within 24 hours if the slot is available.
Bookmark this page and check back often to see if your request was accepted.

Practice Sign-Up Form


July 10, 2019 - July, 12, 2019


Practice location:
Lake Andrea,
Pleasant Prairie, WI