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PASS Program


PASS Results as of 3/3/18 Mira Bay Dragon Festival

Mira Bay Shines Again as the Gulf Coast Racing Season Gets Underway
And by “shine” I mean brilliant sunshine with pleasant temps all day long at one of our most favorite racing venues. The Mira Bay race continues to grow with 33 teams participating on Saturday in 7 divisions at two distances (220m, 400m).Highlights include an impressive showing by crews from Tampa Bay Dragon Boat Club, 1st in Premier Mixed-10 and 1st & 2nd in Premier Women-10, and places them firmly atop the PASS Leaderboard in those racing classes.
Rogue and Vogue Dragons out of Charlotte Harbor are quietly asserting themselves as top ranked Senior crews, placing first in both Senior Mixed-10 and Senior Women-20 divisions.We also appreciate the impressive turnout from the Grand Masters club in The Villages.  Special mention to the Blackheart crew who finished 3rd overall in the Premier Mixed racing class behind Southern Heat (1st) and Draggin’ Dragons (2nd). 

Dragon Sisters must be training hard these days, winning the Senior Women-10 race at both 200 and 400 meters. WOW and SOS traded wins in the finals at each distance in the BCS-20 class.  Thanks also to Heart & Soul Sisters for their BCS-10 performance and to Red Dragons for making the trip from Miami. 

Many great performances took place on the day including during the much loved Mira Bay PLANK CHALLENGE.  This light-hearted, post-race event has gained a loyal following and become increasingly competitive over the years, as proved by the absolutely unbelievable demonstration of core strength displayed by members of our paddling community.  The winning time was literally double that of 2017… a crazy 20 minutes 06 seconds!  Folks, don’t try that at home…

Looking forward now to The Mayor’s Cup on Sunday March 18th at the Tampa Bypass Canal.  This race course is a hidden gem folks, featuring a 1700m permanently installed rowing course.  Rowing events take place on Saturday so dragons and other paddle sports are currently relegated to Sunday’s activities.  We’ll be racing 1000m, 500m and 200m in the standard boats.  PASS races will be at 200m and 500m.  A 2k race will be on the schedule for the end of the day.  Please join us!