Pan Am Dragon Boat Racing


by | Feb 24, 2015


“Love the focus on technical skills. I had no idea.”   Morro Bay, California

        “You guys work really well together. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.”   
        San Francisco, California

“I thouroughly enjoyed the camp experience. Pat makes learning fun.”   Chicago, Illinois

“Great Camp! Nice to have knowledgeable female coach. Thanks, Liz!”

“Stimulating, fun camp enviroment.”   San Francisco, California

        “Awesome experience! The way you explained how the drills relate to the stroke really helped me                       connect the dots. The individual one to one instruction was invaluable.”   
         Jacksonville, Florida

 “This was my first dragon boat camp. All I can say is ‘WOW’! I learned so much and it was fun. When      can I register for next year?”   Tampa, Florida


“This camp was very special.  The one to one instruction and individual video reviews were extremely”” valuable.”

“How great to know what I don’t know, and to have a camp that teaches me to know!”

“I came here thoroughly lost. You helped me find myself, and where I fit.”

“I really liked how Pat broke down the various stroke positions and their importance.”

“Coming away from this camp with a lot of excellent tips and drills.”

“A great experience – especially the one on one work.  Learned a lot and would love to come back again!” 

“I really appreciate the professionalism.  I appreciate that you ask a lot and expect us to be able to rise to the requests.  In other words you don’t talk down to us and take it easy on us….  and yet you are patient and respectful.  I have learned so much that I will come back often.”

“This has been an amazing two days; Learned so much!  Just hope I can develop the muscle memory.”

“Great instructional delivery.”

“Thank you so much, Pat.  I learned so much although my body aches; it’s a good ache.”

“The welcome and inclusivity started before we arrived for camp and continued throughout.  What we all valued was the instruction delivered in specifics, kindly and always personal.  It was never canned. It was great!”

“I saw dragon boats in a film in  China. I wanted to try it for a long time.  Your camp is a dream come true for me.  I love my team, and it has been my good fortune to meet and be coached by Pat.  As Pat said; “I will keep reaching for the stars.  

“Thank you for this unbelievable camp experience.”

“Best coaching and training experience I’ve ever experienced.  Thanx for the knowledge.”

“Technical skill instruction was delivered methodically and efficiently in a very understandable manner. Great training event.”

“Enlightening. I went from complacent in my attitude to hungry for practice.  I know now that there is so much more to learn and apply.”

“Amazing intense two days of training and technical instruction. Look forward to more training camps with you and the crew.”

“Just about the same time I feel myself starting to lose focus an opportunity comes up to work with Pat. Pat redirected me as to why I like dragon boat.  Many thanks for the great coaching.”

“Great learnings including the technical aspects of the stroke, the importance of team, and the value of the human spirit to explode to excellence.”

“One of the aspects that stands out about your training is your ability to treat us as a formidable team of paddlers.  This works wonders for our crews.”

“What a great learning experience.”  Sign me up for the next one.”


“Steering and Coaching clinics were excellent. Informative! Motivational! Educational!”

“Thanks for a great coaching camp and for sharing tips and secrets. I also loved the stories.”

“Your many stories, tips and training are going to make me become a more efficient coach.”

“I enjoyed the course and you did a great job relating the techniques to us. I am a better coach already. Your course was extremely helpful to me, and consequently to my team.”


“Pat Bradley and his 4 coaches were all very professional and each brought a little something to the boat.”
“I found that they were genuinely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Dragon boating.”
Personally, they took me to another level.”

“Training was top notch … wouldn’t change a thing.”

“This Camp was well organized, and challenging in a very good way.”

“I like the added features this year; massage and core training practices, and a warm up done by professionals.”

“This was the best camp I ever attended. Pat is an inspiration.”

“My first camp was overwhelming at times, frustrating at times. It was also rewarding, instructive, invaluable, and most of all memorable. Im a better paddler because of this camp, with still lots to learn.”

“Pat and coaching staff are very efficient and manage to provide a lot of support to everyone.”

“This camp is always challenging and well organized. Loved it .Can’t get enough of it.”

“Pat, I learn something new every time I see you. I’ll be back next year.”


“Great clinic…I learned a lot.”

“Thank you for the very valuable and great information and techniques that you taught us. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to come to your camp. I learned so much. Thank you for your patience and one on one instruction.”

“Thank you for making Camp such a growing experience..and fun too! I have been to many camps but yours remains the very best!”

“Awesome experience. I feel like I’ve come full circle with my technique..needed the four days to nail it. Thanks for every small adjustment that has made a huge difference.”

“This was my first camp, and even though all I wanted to do was steer, it as extremely valuable to me to learn how to paddle. With that said , I learned a lot about steering and am a better steers person for having attended the camp.”

“I’m so happy I enrolled in this course. I learned so much in those two days. So much to pass on to my team, and so much to work on I my own technique. It was the next step I needed. Can’t thank you enough.”

“Great four days! Learned lots as a paddler and as a coach.”

“Thank you so much. Will always remember the Frankenstein drill.”

“Thanks for all your experience sharing. It was a hard, quick two days. We learned a lot and had fun.”

“Can’t say enough good! I thank you and I know my coaches will thank you.”

“Thank you coaches for pushing me out of my comfort zone. My club in Australia will be grateful when I push them out of their comfort zones.”

“Life is about experiences. This is one experience I wouldn’t want to miss.”

“A memorable and educational two days.”

“Thank you for your help, support and encouragement.”

Pan Am Dragon Boat