Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

Dragon boating and the reality of corporate life today have a strong connection.  They are both fast paced; they have to deal with changing external environments; and most of all, they both rely heavily on the 'ultimate team' in order to succeed.

While the mechanics of dragon boating are easy to describe, the sensation of the experience is not.  The evidence of its power and impact is clear.  It has become the fastest growing water sport in the world.  Being one of the most accessible sports, dragon boat racing can truly be enjoyed by everyone.  There is a sense of camaraderie, unity, personal accountability and achievement that fosters the growth of a true team - in and out of the boat.  

As you begin to plan your team building event, we are pleased to present the Ultimate Dragon Boat Experience.  This opportunity to achieve corporate initiatives through a participatory, inclusive activity will provide your group with an experience they can take back and apply to their day-to-day efforts within your organization.

Your dragon boat team building program can be designed in a manner that best suits the goals, budget and format desired by your organization.  The event can be hosted virtually anywhere, but our recommendations include Rocky Point in Tampa and Downtown Tampa.  Events can incorporate as few as 20 paddlers or as many as 160 on the water at one time.  It can be part of an overall gathering or event such as a daylong picnic or as short as a 2-hour workshop.

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